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Awaken to Your
True Essence and
Inner Gem

You can prosper in your business and be happy within your own soul.



Most of us know how to fit into mainstream culture but sometimes feel that something is missing from our traditional version of success. We see people around us achieving the level of success we want in life and business, and we wonder if we could ever get there.

“Maybe I am not made for it. Maybe I need to change my personality. "

But the question is, is that really true?


You may try to read books, watch YouTube videos, and attend seminars/webinars to get the answers you are seeking about your life and business/careers, but you do not have the clarity yet. You still feel confused about what steps to take to overcome your challenges and reach your desired level of success in your life or business career.

But can I tell you something? You already have the answers and resources. Every solution to your problem is right there, within you, and as your coach, my job is to make those answers more aware to you.


Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur or an individual who needs clarity on how to move forward in your business or career?

  • Do you want to feel a greater sense of self-belief?

  • Would you like to know yourself more deeply in order to quiet down self-doubt?

  • Do you sometimes feel like an imposter?

  • Do you feel you have a vigilant “inner critic” (and maybe you are a little perfectionistic)?

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and wish to have more balance in various aspects of your life?

  • Are you someone that feels restored by spending time in nature and caring about taking care of our planet?

  • Do you wish to make a positive difference in the world in your lifetime?

  • Do you wish to live a conscious and purposeful life that aligns well with your values?


Then you are in the right place — a calm and safe place where you can gain clarity about your life decisions with an overall sense of well-being.


My ultimate wish is to help good-hearted people like you become truly prosperous, happy and victorious in life.


If you struggle to find peace within yourself or if you find it hard to manifest the level of success you want in your life, fret not.

I am right here to help you not only identify and break through the blocks and challenges but also discover new insights and find lasting solutions to them.

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While reading books or watching motivational YouTube videos might be useful or helpful, they lack the personalized approach of coaching, which directly addresses your needs and provides individualized solutions to them.
And I understand if you have attended a form of coaching or webinar before, where you sometimes might have been told you need to exert yourself more or defy your inner self to rise. Some of these coaching or webinars only take care of your inner mind and worries. Some only provide external solutions.


But these aren’t enough to give you the clarity and action steps you need.

I provide you with inside-out solutions. I meet your personality and soul and guide you to success, prosperity, and happiness that aligns with your inner values.


Let’s prosper from serenity and joy!

My LIFE COACHING will help you

  • Gain Greater Clarity Around Your Purpose and Passions in Life

  • Develop Better Self-Awareness

  • In Being Fully Present and Conscious in Making Life Decisions

  • Set Clear Goals and Making An Action Plan to Achieve Them

  • Establish Accountability

  • Create Motivation You Need to Keep Moving

  • Keep Yourself Honest and Enable You to Re-Evaluate Your Thinking, Assumptions and Beliefs

  • Build Self-Confidence

  • Overcome Obstacles, Fears and Insecurities

  • Recognize the Possibilities for Your Life.

And My BUSINESS COACHING will help you

  • Have Crystal Clear Goal-Setting

  • Fulfill Your Vision and Goals with a Clear Roadmap

  • See Your Blind Spots – without judgment

  • Improve Performance and Profitability

  • Boost Your Overall Confidence

  • Enhance Leadership

  • Ensure You Are Heading in the Right Direction

  • Unlock Your Self-Imposed Limits

  • Open Your Mind to New Habits and Ideas

  • With Unbiased Third-Party Insight

  • Help You Navigate Challenges

  • Pave The Way For Your Long-Term Success.


Book a free consultation with AI LI




As the founder of Coach Island, Ai Li's mission is: Nurturing people and organizations to realize Happiness and Prosperity. She is a Certified Business and Life Coach based in Singapore with a global clientele. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, she has helped them unleash their potential, paving the way toward personal and professional success.


She has over 25 years of cross-disciplinary expertise and experience in both SMEs and large multinational corporations and non-profit organizations.  Besides Singapore, she had lived and worked in Japan and Australia as an expatriate, working stints in Hawaii, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia.

With both clear logic and heart-centered solutions, Ai Li has a holistic and balanced approach to coaching and consulting. She supports others authentically in discovering their true values aligned with their soul. Her fresh approach enables and empowers others to gain clarity and to develop a clear sense of purpose and direction - both in their personal and professional lives.


Discover her transformational coaching that has made a positive impact on many.


Experience Life and Business Coaching with Ai Li

“My seven coaching sessions with Ai Li were an eternal treasure for my soul. Ai Li helped me authentically discover my true personal values that aligned with my heart and soul. Her sensitive and constructive guidance helped me achieve harmony in my relationships and positive results in my business. Ai Li's bright and fresh approach enabled and empowered me to tap into the deep wisdom that was within me. I was able to make significant improvements in my communication and leadership skills. I feel deeply grateful to Ai Li and truly believe her coaching can impact many people of all ages.”

Pan Shi Ming (Sydney, Australia)


Hello there.

Are you an ambitious and aspiring entrepreneur who wants to fulfill your purpose and contribute to a better world with your business/career while realizing prosperity and happiness in your life?


Then, I would like to invite you to my upcoming webinar, “HOW TO THRIVE AS A HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRENEUR – Align with Your Inner Values & Prosper".


With the avalanche of knowledge, technologies, and choices in modern society, it is easy for us to get caught up in the various distractions that move us away from living our lives and operating our businesses authentically.

This webinar will provide insights and hints on aligning one’s lives and businesses to be true to one’s values, and stay relevant and thriving in the world.

I know this is not the first webinar you will be attending. Trust me, I know, but most of these webinars usually provide practical tools and strategies only.

My webinar not only provides that but also includes

  • Guided contemplation and universal wisdom for more profound transformations

  • Insights on the keys to thriving as a heart-centered entrepreneur

  • Supporting you in understanding your inner values

  • Gain clarity on the direction of your life and business

  • Guided meditation to restore your energy and calm.

Come with an open mind and heart, and stay committed to your self-growth; you are going to have a wonderful experience.


  • HOW TO THRIVE AS A HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRENEUR - Align with Your Inner Values & Prosper
    HOW TO THRIVE AS A HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRENEUR - Align with Your Inner Values & Prosper
    Time is TBD
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